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      Hi m looking for a tuner for either an ipad or an android phone.
      Which is a good one? or favorite?
      Many thanks

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      At last a question I can answer! 😉 I use Cleartune (on Android) and really like it. You can set it to different transpositions (e.g. Bb), produce a drone at a particular pitch, or use it as a tuner. It’s very responsive and the display is laid out beautifully clearly. And it didn’t cost a lot of money either. One of my favourite apps.

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      I would definitely recommend you to use a small specially developed brass tuner that you attach directly to your instrument with the clips(on the trumpet just in front of your eyes on the bell). Look for the KORG AW-LT100T. Small and discrete. Choose various frequency and fast or slower response.

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      I use TE Tuner for iOS and love it. It has many, many features, including metronome, recording. I think it is also available for Android. You can find details here:

Viewing 3 reply threads
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