• keep going
    try using way less air playing as quiet as you can. that way you can sneak past ver 1.
    i found that doing patterns would get absorbed in them if i keep the range comfatable then just pop in a bigger interval
    its why greg says surrender to the process stick to what works and keep going till you get bored and keep going then ver 1…[Read more]

  • j.gardam replied to the topic Beginner Help in the forum WindWorks 2 years, 1 month ago

    Welcome Osacar
    You have come to the right place
    Wish I had known about this when I started
    would have saved yers of slow progress.
    Enjoy It
    go slowly and get the basics working then the higher notes are as easy as the lower ones
    Greg is brilliant !

  • Well done Thats a fabulous pedal note off the bottom of the trumpet range.
    yes you are on the right track
    to go higher ie to a low trumpet note bring your corners inwards slightly go back and watch Greg
    he is quite good at it !
    Keep having fun! and maess about and explore.
    all the best
    Wish I had had acess to windworks when i was learning.…[Read more]

  • Me too !
    have worked out that bad days are normally when I am distracted or under pressure.

    For a good day it helps me If I get my music head on and plan out what I want to do and practice it away from the instrument. Maybe on a walk; then when I get started it has a better chance of going well.
    doing enough reps to get bored and let go has on…[Read more]

  • j.gardam replied to the topic Throat Drills in the forum WindWorks 3 years, 1 month ago

    Thanks have just gone back to this.
    been messing with it all morning.
    Am one of those who tends to close off my throat at the top of the breath.
    these exercises have been a bit of a revelation have at last got the ku to work without the instrument!
    and yes trying it for real tend to choke. ( lots of practice to come )

    Many thanks

  • James
    have similar issues tend to engage when i go soft

    for practice try taking a smaller breath on the back swing
    try it and experiment without the trumpet to start with.

    just removes another variable.
    Have fun

  • Hi m looking for a tuner for either an ipad or an android phone.
    Which is a good one? or favorite?
    Many thanks

  • j.gardam replied to the topic Holding Back the Air in the forum WindWorks 3 years, 3 months ago

    Hope my experience and struggles help
    Without the instrument.
    I find it is a very natural reaction to take a good intake of air and then if I pause it at the top of the breath and leave my mouth open it is the throat that is closing. You can push against it and engage the chest.
    find and explore gently.
    This is what we are trying to…[Read more]

  • Thanks John
    I think that spoke to a lot of us glad to hear your encouragement.

    It seems to be a circular process:
    make a bit of progress then spot some tension creeping in or galloping in! then back to the easy stuff and do it more carefully with more insight

    Happy new year to everybody

  • Welcome,
    you do need an instrument. Can you borrow one?
    try getting in touch with local brass bands or the equivalent in oz. They often have training bands and always keen to help new players.
    cornet or trumpet? doesn’t make a huge difference

    Best wishes

  • j.gardam replied to the topic Zoom Meeting in the forum WindWorks 3 years, 5 months ago

    sounds excellent
    to log in to the meeting on zoom we will need a meeting ID and a password

  • Had a go at this about 2 years ago it didn’t really help.
    Wish I had found Windworks sooner.
    now making real progress slow but real!

    Thanks, Greg for your patience with us.

    It’s the only place where I have found instruction and help on how to actually play.

    No, I don’t think it’s the same. doesn’t talk about shape.
    says faster air for higher…[Read more]

  • j.gardam replied to the topic Zoom Meeting in the forum WindWorks 3 years, 5 months ago

    This is a question that might be asked by a lot of people.

    When tension/ manipulation etc creep back in as we go up stage by stage;
    what are the effective tricks or methods to get rid of them?

    I haven’t got the answers!


    Hey Jon, this is the biggie that everyone eventually deals with.

    The purpose of the EYES CLOSED…[Read more]

  • j.gardam replied to the topic Zoom Meeting in the forum WindWorks 3 years, 5 months ago

    count me in even though it’s in the evening here in UK

  • j.gardam replied to the topic Getting back into it in the forum WindWorks 3 years, 6 months ago

    I think this may be a great opportunity to spend a little time on the basics of playing freely and efficiently whilst the old habits are a bit rusty
    This is based on some of my experiences.

    don’t rush up the scales. Get it all working freely and work on the easy harmonic slurs and good coordination and clean changes from note to note. this is…[Read more]

  • j.gardam replied to the topic leadpipe in the forum WindWorks 3 years, 7 months ago

    not sure I have got to where you are yet.

    Ther is also a conundrum between; the free-flowing exercises at the start where we let the instrument set the detail of the pitch and we move the shape to go note to note
    and the control of the pitch to enable note bends.
    Any comments and advice would be much appreciated.

    Playing on the leadpipe I…[Read more]

  • Many thanks to you both Ron and John.
    have been rushing!
    will concentrate both on process and sound
    lots of good detailed advice Thanks

  • haven’t got that high yet.
    but on notes in the stave, I have a tendency to engage the chest as I have done for years.
    as a trick to break this habit I have been trying to set the shape then just let the air fall out ( very passive ) to get a quiet note and the feeling of playing with no engagement.
    I know you cant okay like this but have a very…[Read more]

  • Hi am a few weeks in
    The issue I have is changing shape fast enough.

    Not quite sure what is meant to move.

    From Gregs’ demos, he shows moving the corners in sideways as pitch rises.
    What else moves?
    does the jaw move up a little bit? and stay forward; I had that common habit of blowing down as the bottom lip moves back.

    Am fine changing shape…[Read more]

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