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      Greg Spence

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      I find the ahh ooo helps me relax. Another way of doing this is sighing down the trumpet with the mouthpiece totally inside the mouth then trying the sighing to play a G in the staff.. This is a technique from Paul Mayes that I also find useful. I also hum the drones from C to C that helps relax also. Unfortunatley I have not found a way to get above the D in the staff using these techniques and I have to really blow hard to get the G and most of the time I don’t.

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      The aah-ooh is critical for me in remembering to tighten the aperture corners from the corners while relaxing the top and bottom lip, letting the top lip vibrate freely in the air column. When I do that, everything is golden and I get good sensations and an open easy feeling and resonant sound and increased flexibility / speed.

      I often catch myself overthinking and trying too hard and overblowing and clamping, but I think I’m getting it… again…

      Great video!

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      Any thoughts on mouthpiece/visualiser placement and how forward the lips should be going from ahh to ooh?

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