• Am I right in thinking that we’re not trying to play the singing C on the mmmaaaahooooh setting, which we DO use to get the feeling of sympathetic vibration? Is it a case of following through the “leadpipe/shape change” and “leadpipe to trumpet” videos in Largo fundamentals until we find the lip position?

    Or a case of applying the new…[Read more]

  • freddiegavita replied to the topic unsure in the forum WindWorks 4 years, 1 month ago

    Philsby – I’ve had this feeling too, I think it’s got a bit better since I started, keep going with it but try not to obsess like I did!

  • freddiegavita replied to the topic Why the AaahOooh? in the forum WindWorks 5 years ago

    Any thoughts on mouthpiece/visualiser placement and how forward the lips should be going from ahh to ooh?

  • Hi Greg,

    just a quick question about point 1, getting from the ooooh to the visualiser. The visualiser should not go onto the red of the lips right? So you’re kind of adapting the ooooh as it goes on so the rim goes onto the white of the lip above and below, otherwise the lips are protruding into the mouthpiece too much? Or are you trying to get…[Read more]

  • Am I right in thinking the visualiser/mouthpiece goes onto the red of the lips? With minimal pressure to start with? I’ve been doing it for three days and can’t get the lead pipe to make a sound like this! Feels like the lips are way too far apart to ever get a sound. Plus my aperture seems to change from the oooh when i put the visualiser on,…[Read more]

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