• i just figured it out. A revelation. I was not playing with enough air pressure and was blowing from the lips. I started tightening my abdominals from way down low and keeping the throat open, ( sighing the air through the throat and lips) the upper register immediately opened up. Where before I had trouble getting to the D in the upper staff I…[Read more]

  • This is also very interesting for me. I started learning to read and write music after I retired at 68 and started playing alphorn and fluegelhorn then I am teaching myself. I find that I have a different fluegelhorn position for the low register as opposed for higher. For low notes i raise the bell and for mid register i bring the bell down but…[Read more]

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    I will be leaving the continent for three months starting in late June . I will not have access to computer so i would like to shelve my membership for those three months. Please advise

  • hanshab9 replied to the topic Why the AaahOooh? in the forum WindWorks 5 years, 1 month ago

    I find the ahh ooo helps me relax. Another way of doing this is sighing down the trumpet with the mouthpiece totally inside the mouth then trying the sighing to play a G in the staff.. This is a technique from Paul Mayes that I also find useful. I also hum the drones from C to C that helps relax also. Unfortunatley I have not found a way to…[Read more]

  • hanshab9 replied to the topic Pitch? in the forum WindWorks 5 years, 3 months ago

    Greg is right. for low tones the aperture is larger therefore the compression ( air speed) is less, as the aperture tightens the compression (air speed) increases. this follows the basic laws of fluid flow in physics.

  • Boy do I relate to the above! I find that before I start a lesson I play long tones loudly and softly and go up the scale with every breath.. I find that helps me relax. I can tell when I am not relaxed as the sound just does not come and my arms start to shake ( side effect of recent back surgery). Then sit back relax, big breath and try again…[Read more]

  • I ;thought I would give you a heads up. It has been seven weeks since the surgery and I am now relearning how to walk as there was substantial nerve damage in my back that controls th e legs. I am slowly making progress. I am trying to play again but the shaking is still there and all the narcotics I had to take to kill the pain did not help.…[Read more]

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    it does say, incorrectly that my membership has lapsed.

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    my membership is active and is due for renewal as follows. However I cannot access the course. member #11793 Active 23 January 2019
    Via PayPal $19.99 / month

  • You folks are really great. Thanks for your responses. I really appreciate all the advice. I am seeing a specialist on monday to discuss. I am relearning how to walk and cannot drive. I called the surgeon and he told me it will take 9 to 12 months before things get back to normal. I was trying to do just the simple exercises as i have to lie in…[Read more]

  • I recently had major back surgery.That was five weeks ago, just starting totally over with the course again this week, but I notice that even in the Largo stage, I cannot play as my hands shake so much that I cannot hold a centered note, the Bb note in Largo singing C bounces between Ab and B in the same breath. This did not happen before. Any…[Read more]

  • Is there a way to access ALL the lesson comments a participant makes without going to each of the lessons and finding them. I see one can access the latest comments on the dashboard but I have not found a way to access all my comments

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