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      I want to share a little Wind Win story with you: After about 15 years, in which I only played the trumpet a little, I started practicing daily in January 2021. I was full of enthusiasm. I played Arban, Clark, Gordon etc. Every day. Over months. My sound, my range, my embouchure…everything was terrible. And it didn’t get any better. Chops and lips and motivation were already finished after the warm up routine. That means I had to put down my horn after 15 minutes. All of this didn’t feel particularly good.
      Then I spotted Greg. I have been practicing his method for 6 months. I can now play 1 to 2 hours without getting so tired that I have to put the trumpet down. Wind wins
      Thanks Greg

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      Wow! Awesome testimonial! Thanks for sharing and keep playing!

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      Adrian Hicks

      Awesome to hear. I used to ice up my top lip after a 2 hour Big Band gig. Now, I feel I have another set in me after as well as more usable range throughout. Yep, Greg is a guru!

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