• Hi again. It has been awhile since I posted. Was actually busy with Christmas gigs and even made some money. More importantly it was an adventure into ‘having to play this note right now, ready or not’ vs ‘I can play this note at my leisure.’ Big Difference. My band mates were patient and understanding. For that I am grateful.
    So, when you are…[Read more]

  • Away We Go. Week what – Eleven? Don’t care – I am improving every week. Understanding every week. Exploring every week. Experimenting every week. Doing trumpet differently every week. Blowing my mind every week. Dispelling old useless habits, bit by bit every week.
    For Years I loved playing the trumpet but hated practicing. Looking back I think it…[Read more]

  • 10 Weeks into this new process and I couldn’t be happier. All things previously mentioned have been personal ‘isms’ to get my brain and body to sync into a new way of playing trumpet. I have stayed in Book 1 until it is all locked in. I am almost there, not quite tho. That’s ok. Every day that I exercise to the top of the staff I am strengthening…[Read more]

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    Wow! Awesome testimonial! Thanks for sharing and keep playing!

  • The weeks keep tripping bye and I am grateful to have the time to concentrate on this trumpet playing adventure. This week has been stressful in non-trumpet stuff and so I am struggling to relax at the trumpet at all. Started trying a technique that I have used off and on in life. It is called EFT Tapping. It is a technique using pressure points…[Read more]

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    Thanks for sharing this Ryan! Lip slurs have always been so difficult for me and I too am working on that consistent sweet spot for every note. Amazing how the sound really pops when all of the components line up. Joining in Your Safari!

  • Thanks for sharing this video link! Gives me a different way to approach my high note expansion.

  • So I am 6 weeks into my retraining. My last post has been a keystone post – Golden Rule #12
    Learn the physical feeling of every note. I have slowly, fastidiously, painstakingly, paid attention to the physical feeling of every note. There IS One! For EVERY Note! Mind Blown!
    Am keeping all things in the front – forward – Oooo – Ah – Aye – Eee – IH…[Read more]

  • Greg’s Golden Rule #12 on Page 42 of Book 1.
    I am ‘Learning The Physical Feeling of Every Note’
    Full Stop
    Doing it!

  • Ten Day Update. So very pleased with my progress. I have added the Wind Stick to build my embouchure muscles and to discover the feeling of what air going thru a very small hole ie the mouthpiece feels like. Mental concepts to this include remembering that there is only about a cup of air in the horn so back off and let the aperture do its thing.…[Read more]

  • Thanks Greg! I appreciate the encouragement so much!
    Just to share a quick discovery. I am trying to improve my jazz skills so started using the blues scales. I have found that the minor third interval is a perfect ‘sweet spot’ for feeling the embouchure changes that I am trying to implement. I can Really Feel and play with the aperture and…[Read more]

  • So, I’ve been off the horn for two years due to health issues. Am now re-starting again. Have done several years of Wind Works, a live lesson or two and been thru most of the books multiple times. Have never really successfully put the concepts into full use. BUT – now am at it again, two weeks back on the horn and adding notes Very Slowly.
    It has…[Read more]

  • Yes,yes! It is such an adventure! I double checked and actually it has been 4 years which makes me feel better. I just try to do a little every day now. It is just a process of deconstructing the old and replacing it with the new. Greg has our backs and it is terrific that he is posting and sharing so much. The tools are all there.
    I played 50…[Read more]

  • Hey Greg,
    Long time since you’ve been in Colorado. Hope you make it back. Soo, I think it’s been about 5 years since I first took a lesson and started my journey with M2M rebuilding my playing process. I am So Glad You Have Continued With Building and Refining Your Process. Thank You. Don’t Stop!
    I lost count on how many times I have started at…[Read more]

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