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Greg Spence

I have so many questions about the MTM… OK, lets go 🙂

I notice that if I don’t warm-up enough the notes usually don’t speak. And if I do very soft playing before its easier to make the notes speak. There are many variables here but certainly getting blood flowing and any stiffness out of the lip tissue is desirable. With issues like this, I always refer to the voice – what would be the comparable issue and how would you overcome it?

When the notes don’t speak I either stop or continue just blowing nicely without the sound. Then I reenforce the feeling of freedom and try again, until it speaks (or until I feel Im starting to be upset, in this case I stop here for the day). You know getting upset is just a symptom of confusion. If you understand why the notes don’t speak, then you will be cool. What range are you talking about or this an issue on the leadpipe? Remember the magnifying glass…!
Is this a good way to procede? Calmy sticking with the PROCESS and accepting what each day has to offer is the best way forward.

Also, I sometimes just use a method, like Clarke, and do the MTM stuff with it instead of using the exercice on the site or the book. Do you think it’s a good idea ? Variation will keep you motivated. As I say several times, it is not so much the notes or exercises but the way you approach and execute whatever method you are working on.

Last thing, I can relax the throat by compensating with a bit of abdominal pression. Then if I relax the stomach the note drop. I feel like I need a little more pressure for each harmonic going highter (passive playing). Should we try to play with ZERO pressure, or is it impossible ? Even when humming a note I feel a very slight pression.Work on 100% PASSIVE air when humming and the work on the 1% RULE – can you let go more?! “Relaxing the throat by compensating with a bit of abdominal pressure/compression” makes me think you are not getting the passive reduction working efficiently; maybe you are trying to hum to high a pitch?! OR, you may simply be more aware of what the body is doing now and possibly over analysing what you are doing. As I demonstrate (watch in the WindWorks Master Class on the Facebook Members private group” I play to G above high C with no abdominal contraction whatsoever. Thanks for the insightful questions!!!

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