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Greg Spence

So the first observation when learning the new stance and the first part of the backswing is my reluctance to breath correctly. Being calm in the moment, breathing first then acting is not a habit for me when learning this new technique but I am consciously reminding myself to breath as I backswing – then there is a PASSIVE drop back into the initial position.

The second observation is the anxiety to just simply want to get to the course and bash golf balls around. Repeating the stance setup over and over until it becomes natural is a time consuming effort BUT just as with the WindWorks approach, I need to find a way to get into the zone and quiet the mental chatter, the monkey voice; I am sure many of you can relate when it comes to mmmaaahoooh, tissues etc. etc. PROCESS first then play later.

I am getting some cheap 2nd hand left handed clubs and going to the driving range for an hour to practise balance, setup, stance and the first 2 stages of the backswing.
Left handed is already feeling more natural after one day even though I have only been practising in my living room with half a mic stand a mirror and youtube.

Alignment and efficiency are the goals and it is all still very conscious.

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