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Greg Spence

OK, amazing day of experiencing my own “Zen in the Art of Golf”. I purchased a second hand set of LEFT HANDED golf clubs today, not the usual thing for a right handed player! I spent over 2 hours at a driving range and hit(???) 200 balls. So many insights into my own psychology and that of the players around me.

For every ball I hit, there were 10 part-practice swings checking alignment, freedom of movement, flow through the down stroke and chasing the ball if I actually managed to hit it. There were many airies (complete misses), many hits on the top of the ball sending it rolling along the ground and maybe 9 or 10 successful shots (which really surprised me.

It was two hours of emotionally detached observation. My practise over the last two days internalising youtube videos and replicating processes with my mic stand (The SwingWorks Secret) had a profound impact on my approach.

Being prepared to experiment with a knowledge that I am on the right path is exciting and fulfilling, the result is of NO consequence.

SO HOW DID THE GOOD SHOTS HAPPEN? Let me set the scene… two very efficient golfers either side of me making clean, effortless contact with consistent results. Further around dudes belting the hell out of the ball with little to no success and no consideration for improving, simply repeating dodgy techniques.

I watch, I learn! I approach my next shots like the dudes beside me… I slowed my swing down by half, then half again and then half again and WHAM, the ball flies, effortlessly. How did I do it?? No idea!

What I have learned is that a success is now behind me and it may not happen again for the whole day, I’m cool with that. Surrendering to the PROCESS and basically ignoring the ball is what got the result so I know not to try and consciously repeat the SUCCESS as the conscious mind will get in the way of the PROCESS.

To slow my backswing, I inhaled as if I was about to play a long, steady tone. Slow, calm breath, then the RELEASE was natural – no kick, no tightening, no ball, no worries, no problem.

Tomorrow I return as if today never happened – no expectation, no anxiety, no frustration. I will practise in front of the mirror while rewatching the videos and I know that part of what I did today will be stored – the NEW HIGHWAY IS BEING BUILT and I don’t have to worry about it, I simply keep repeating very logical and simple actions; in time they will be natural.

If you are reading to here, well done! It was an incredible experience and I am excited to wake up in the morning and see what tomorrow has to offer.

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