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Greg Spence

Hey Eric, this hopefully serves as a great lesson to anyone reading. THAT is how deep you have to look. With your magnifying glass out, you discovered an important flaw that must be fixed; it went unnoticed for years right?!

So you are on the right path but need to break it down even further. With bent finger in mouth BCH BREATH, take a really slow inhalation, maybe 1/10th of a full breath – try just releasing and engaging the abdominal muscles, opening up that vacuum so you don’t actually feel like you are “taking a breath”.

Do it REALLY slowly! THIS MUST BE DONE WITH EYES CLOSED AND ATTENTION TO THE THROAT. Do it several times… did I mention slowly? Don’t hold the breath, simply turn it around. There should be no catch whatsoever… am I right?

Increase it to 2/10ths (20%) of a full breath, now you will feel slightly more activity from the body but certainly no strain or tension, just subtle movement. Slowly, eyes closed.

Continue taking deeper breaths until you find the trigger point. You have probably been taking TOO much air in.

Let me know how you go.