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I have also recognised this tension recently after looking into it more closely and Gregs demonstration in his recent workshop of a student he had that took a big breath, but then held the breath in their throat with an open mouth.

I don’t quite suffer to that extent but have come too realise how much of a ‘throat player’ I had become over my many years of playing. I am making some good progress on Gregs new course now (thanks a million, Greg!) but on this issue, one of the recent things I have experimented with in practice or any time during the day, is after BCH breath, to fill my cheeks with air (a la Dizzy Gillespie – the lips are the last point of resistance), releasing with a ‘PUH’ just a few times, encourages me to relax the throat more and a good ‘release’ feeling.

Obviously, I don’t play like this but the psychology is helping me understand more.
I don’t know if that’s consistent with Gregs methods so please shoot me down if not. 🙂



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