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Thanks everyone. After one week, it is clear that I was taking two large of a breath with the backswing which led to tension from the start. There has been some improvement this week for which I am grateful.

Wile having the magnifying glass out, I have noticed another issue right from the start. Greg, when you discuss placement of the visualizer over the lips, you discuss threading the airstream. When using the tissue, I notice that when I place the visualizer on the lips, the tissue does not move as freely as you demonstrate in the videos despite being in a comfortable place. I can create a more free movement by moving the visualizer more onto the upper lip (>60-70% upper lip), pressing more firmly on the upper lip than the lower while keeping ~50-50% upper/lower, or tilting the lower portion of the visualizer forward off the lips. This seems to me that my airstream is moving upward.

The question has to do with placement of the visualizer which then leads to placement of the mouthpiece etc. Recognizing that the shape of everyone’s mouth and lips is different, am I correct in stating that I should move the visualizer/mouthpiece to the location of greatest airflow regardless of location? Is this an issue where I need to keep the visualizer/mouthpiece centered but somehow manipulate the direction of airflow?

I am a comeback player who has only played for a couple of years after a 25 year hiatus, and this course has been tremendous.