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Hi Greg. I hope I’m doing this right but am still getting used to your site – and think I may have made a mistake in an earlier communication. My name is Digby Fairweather; I’ve been a progfessional jazz trumpeter for 50 years (I’m 75) but was introduced to your course by a fellow player Paul Higgs who has used lockdown to complete your course. It looks wonderful and I’m making a start. I also am a dystonia sufferer for the past four years (it crept up on me but got a lot worse even in the practice room!) but I’m working hard to cope with it – which, in the past, has (unfortunately) involved having a drink to dull those neurological ‘can’t do this!’ prompts. For thepast week I’ve begun absorbing (and trying out) process-practice (from the ground up – includimng mouthpiece to lead pipe to horn which gives me a strong pedal tone – excellent!) but am currently still in the midst of gigs which means that I have to divert from process-practise to the old ways. Would I be right in adopting your fifteen minutes a day for process-practice and (beyond your inspiring video) do you have any further tips for a dystonia sufferer? I’d be happy to show you what I can – and can’t – do if I could book a ten-minutesession sometime.

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