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I’d be curious to hear Greg and others chime in on this. I discovered that I’ve been doing a throat stop (Valsalva) and releasing the air on my attacks in conjunction with tonguing. I had no idea this was happening, in fact, I was certain it wasn’t since my very early trumpet lessons dealt with some of the pitfalls of Valsalva and how to avoid it. Guess I should’ve taken a few more lessons back then…

Now I’m hyper aware of any change of feeling in the throat. Sometimes I feel something like a “click” when I’m doing a harmonic slur, or some subtle movement at the beginning of playing and I worry that I’m doing it again. I don’t really trust my ability to perceive it correctly yet, although eyes closed, focused practice has been helping that somewhat. Maybe do some eyes-closed work intentionally engaging the throat and focus on what that feels like for comparison?