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Greg Spence

Hey guys. I am totally unqualified to give any medical advice sadly. What I hope is that if the condition began after surgery is that as you recover, things will get back to normal. Lets face it, only 5 weeks is not very long after major surgery.

Have you experimented with holding other items i.e. a cup of water, does the same thing happen.

The reality is you are in recovery mode and it will take time for strength to return. Be calm with it even though it is miserably frustrating. Take this time to focus on the humming/singing aahooh etc reprogramming that you can do endlessly.

Is there a waver when you hum? Can you do the tissue and visualiser exercises?

I recommend speaking to a specialist about this so you are aware of what is happening therefore alleviating the unknown and therefore the depression.

Remain calm and patient with the recovery process.

Best Wishes,

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