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It took me a very long time to commit to practicing at all, let alone warming up. A daily\weekly practice schedule my family could agree too was the key for me. I became overwhelmed with the abundance of technical exercises on offer, MtM helped me get back to the basics of just producing a great sound, focus on breathing and my body and the Warm-Up has turned into something very I look forward to everyday now. Kind of like meditation.

Also, for me, having a practice journal is a great tool. It helps me keep track of what exercises I have been doing and for how long.. what Im exercises I find difficult, what ones I find counter productive.
Monday – 10min Dynamic Control of G Minor *My Eb was sharp and PPP dynamic was wobbly to control*

This way, I found – it helped me to start building more structure into my practice, while also giving me the freedom of letting me warm-up how I like. By the end of my warm-up I’ve usually started writing a short melody for a new song. Its very fun and relaxing for me 🙂
I hope this helps. Good Luck!

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