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Hi, Gary,

You are describing all too well the rollercoaster ride of the learning process. You got a feel for the direction you want to head, which is fantastic! It takes time for the brain and body to consistently produce what you experienced. As I continue to learn, you can’t force results or have expectations, and you can’t “make” desired changes become part of your regular playing. These add unwanted pressure that get in the way of learning something new. You can only send invitations, as Greg says, and wait for these to “turn up to the party.” I’ve found that getting the feel for and memory of what I want is essential. Recalling the moments where I experienced this, including how it looked, sounded and felt, visualizing it before I pick up the horn, and letting my brain solidify it with repetition seems to be the best approach.

In the meantime, you will use unnecessary tension in regular playing until you’re fully on the efficiency path. That doesn’t mean you should stop playing. If you feel you’re really forcing, then it might be wise to take a look at that and adjust demands accordingly. If you have thoughts of frustration, you can remind yourself that you’re working on a new playing machine and doing your best at this moment. Enjoy playing music–it is truly a gift! (speaking as someone who is recovering from focal dystonia)

Progress is not linear. There can be lots going on behind the scenes that isn’t apparent yet. Patience with WindWorks will pay huge dividends in the long run, as I’m discovering, and will fundamentally change the way you play.

Hope this helps!

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