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Christopher Hall

I don’t understand for sure where I should be putting the mouthpiece, and I think this is related to this topic. i would appreciate some help. When I play, I end up with a line, and some swelling, in the red part of my lips, top and bottom. The outside diameter of the mouthpiece is centred and outside the ‘red’, top and bottom. But the inside diameter is inside the ‘red’ top and bottom (mostly bottom–on the top lip the top inside edge of the mouthpiece is near or just on the border of the ‘red’ part of the lip). I’m really conscious of not pressing too hard–am trying to play with the minimum possible pressure.

I have watched many youtube videos, all proclaiming that you must not play in the red. I have tried to do what people like Charlie Porter have suggested, rolling the lips in to place the mouthpiece, then relaxing out. But I can’t do it and make a sound–my lips seem too pressed together.

Equally, what I’m doing now (per the first paragraph) doesn’t seem to be working very well either, mostly due to the swelling of the bottom lip.

What am I missing? Where exactly should I be putting the mouthpiece?!

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