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Hello Greg/Howard,
I hope you don’t mind my butting in here, but I wonder if you could clarify this question of aperture corners a bit more. I think I really don’t understand it.

This does seem to be a recurring question, so I wonder whether it’s possible to explaing slightly differently for those of us who still don’t really understand what they are meant to do? It does seem such an important point, and I don’t want to learn the wrong habit now, which will only have to be unlearnt later on.

I understand that the aperture corners are… well, the corners of the opening between the lips, but I can’t see how you can tighten just those points. Is the tightening just immediately next to the aperture, or do you actually tighten the lips outside the aperture, maybe the entire sections from the corners of the opening to the corners of the mouth? And how do you tighten them? I can certainly feel some tension in the lips when going from the “aaah” to the “oooh”. Like Howard, I’m wondering whether to do “more of the same” and push the lips further forward into a “whistling position”? Watching your videos, Greg, it certainly looks like the corners of your mouth pull outwards (into a “smile”) as you ascend, but maybe you’re doing both, thus “stretching the tissue from both ends”?

I hope this makes some sense. If there is a video that clarifies it, pleas let me know, but I have rewatched pretty much all the Largo videos and I cannot find what I’m looking for.