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Greg Spence

Hey there Guillaume, thanks for your empassioned post 🙂

I agree about the cost but sadly it is what it is. Trust me, there is no value in it for me from a time/cost perspective but I believe in them so I make them available. Notice I use my fingers very often, a free and natural substitute but not as good as the real thing.

1. I am proud to say that I gave Charlie a lesson a few years back, we had a lot in common and his feedback was extremely enthusiastic and complimentary. He is a genuinely nice guy and KILLER player.

I have been looking for cheaper options as you suggest and even researched bubble blowing rings like in the video in the course. I could not find any in bulk with just the plastic rim alone. Getting moulds made is very expensive I would love to have plastic rims at a cheap price that’s for sure.

The scissors are another option, I have several students that do that but as I say multiple times in the course, we are creating new sensations and one of my major breakthroughs was substituting the feeling of the rim, EYES CLOSED, with the mouthpiece imagining it was just the rim still. A trigger finding process.

2. By all mean find other otions. Notice I put a plastic boba straw in the WindPack as a cheap substitute for the leadpipe. Again, the real thing is better but it is a good, cheap alternative.

3. I hit barriers in trying to get cheap plastic rims manufactured. I might follow it up again once the Ultimate Level is complete, unless you have already cornered the market. 🙂

I am totally in agreeance with you but I do have plenty of metal ones if people want them.


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