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Thanks for sharing. I never tried a 3E until 2018–I bought one online and tried it out and I can’t play it. Tried again today as I moved from a 5C which I’ve been playing the past few months to a 3C as the rim on the 5 seemed small suddenly.

I have the same issue when playing the 3E but it feels like it’s too shallow for me, like I’m bottoming out on it especially as I go higher into the upper register–it feels actually like my lips start to touch the inside cup of the mouthpiece and that stops the vibration.

I’m a comeback player and not a pro and may not be playing correctly, but my range has increased to levels I’ve never had before and I’m able to get a good high C to high F now, so I think I’m on a good track.

I’m guessing I should try a D cup or try some other shallow / brighter mouthpieces to help when trying to play with a brighter tone / in the higher register.

But I too will probably stick mostly to the 3C as the tone is richer, darker and (in my opinion) better; I still appreciate the skill of a good player playing high, but not as much as when I was in high school or college. I don’t find myself listening to Maynard anymore, or even Doc for that matter. I don’t aspire to sound like Maynard, and never really did; his power impressed me but I never cared for his tone. I loved Doc’s tone, range and power but I’m finding myself admiring Chris Martin / classical players, Miles, Chet Baker, etc.

I am just grateful that high C is achievable now; I never even pinched / squeaked it out before 2018 and now it’s a real note for me that I can play musically and have control of, as well as D and E and I top out at F–not yet musical or in control, but I can ascend up to it in a chromatic scale without kicking / straining.

With how quickly the F came (unexpectedly), I hope double G is not too far away. I squeaked a double G and A out a time or two in 2018 when screwing around, but I’m trying not to do that sort of thing anymore–I’m trying to focus on the process, my tone, ease of playing, relaxing my throat / lips, etc. It would be nice to be able to hit a Double G and eventually perhaps a Double C by the end of 2019. But I don’t think range is actually what I’m after, really. I think I’d be perfectly happy with the range I have now if I could just play consistently and perhaps have better flexibility and dynamic control and maintain a resonant tone up to the F.

It’s really challenging to try to ascend / tighten the aperture by focusing on pulling the corners in without pinching the lips and tightening my throat. I find myself actually having a sensation now that I’m pulling my lips apart in the middle as I get to high C and above–that seems to help me.

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