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No kidding, it seems like a lot to remember sometimes. I like the scroll at the the bottom of the Windworks main page–I jotted those down with some other things and the Maggio monkey and put it on my music stand. And I try to remember every once in a while, when I feel like I’m thinking too much to remember to close my eyes, be patient, etc. And also to remember that what feels the most natural and easy is probably the right way–what generates the most resonant sound, producing a full air column supported from below and tightening the embouchure in the corners, allowing the middle of the lips to vibrate freely and avoiding the lips from blocking the air column by pinching in the middle–lately, I’ve been holding out the high note softly but with supported air and slightly opening the aperture to free up the sound and tightening the aperture corners as needed, etc.

I’m hoping for good sensations / sound / flexibility tonight when I practice…fingers crossed…glad my livelihood doesn’t depend on my consistency, I’d be homeless… 😎

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