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Thanks Rod. I’m not familiar with the wedge 64; is the 620 more or less shallow?

Didn’t have a lot of time to practice this morning / tonight. Seemed like a mixed bag–I knew I would pay for the irrational exuberance last night, etc. and I did… But there were glimpses of brilliance on the 10 1/2C (didn’t play the 7C at all today), but my range actually felt kind of capped out at about high C today, although I did actually get the E a couple/few times. Tried to take it a bit easy and didn’t focus on range, more on musicality–played some music and it felt easy and sounded good.

I think I might need to back off a bit on the air, I think I’m overblowing–I almost got myself feeling like I was going backwards again but caught myself and backed off the air, focused on process and the notes came easier again. Funny how our minds work / get in the way.

Was originally thinking I might try some V-shaped / shallower mouthpieces as early as this weekend, but I’m realizing I need to probably give it a bit more time before I move to the next thing, etc.

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