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Ronald Carson

I would think that the pdf will NOT download the files as far as I know pdf is a way of sending text and image files not video or audio files.

You will have to open them by using the book online. When I click on the link in the website, the link takes me to an ebook. The ebook contains all the links to files, whereas, I figure the pdf does not have hyperlinks to any files.

If you did not buy the original books you will not get the digital access.

Did you buy the book? I did prior to the WindWorks platform. The downloadable pdf comes by purchasing the premium level. So I assume you do not have access to the videos or audios files. You don’t really need the audio files if you can play through the Foundation Level. Greg just plays the exercises at about 100 beats per minute, unless otherwise marked in the book.

I also have the print version that came with the audio files on a CD. For the most part, WindWorks is far superior to the older book. The basic processes and exercises are the same. You have all the demonstrations via WindWorks.

I hope this helps.

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