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Daniel OLeary

I am finding allegro
C# and D to be quite challenging.
Something that is helping me considerably is that we have been through so many of these exercises at this point, and the exercises are so simply written , we can practice the principles involved without even opening up the program and even more importantly eyes closed and develope our own drills specific to what aspect we are working on.
This whole programme is designed in such a way that the momentum trends towards higher and faster as the goal.
Its more beneficial to work in both directions developing efficiency within your range as the goal.
I Start the warm up at largo.
Work all the way back up 1/2 step at a time. Loud and soft, fast and slow.
If I don’t get all the the way back up to the exercise I’m currently working on so be it. Better to practice to and at my limit than past my limit on any given day and better to practice the whole range rather than locking my shape on to my present high note which for me is C# and D on the staff for the time being.although of late I’ve been accidently hitting harmonics a step or two higher than anticipated when things start falling into place as they occasionally do when and if you take Gregg’s stump grinder seriously.🎯🌈🕥

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