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I’d like to thank wild_flower32 very much for this post, which has got me using the “mmm…aah…ooh” again much more regularly, and thinking much more about what it’s for (thanks also for an extra posting from Greg about this). I’ve got a strong tendency to clench and overblow. I’ve found lately that doing a quiet “mmm… ahh… ooh” just before I’m about to take a jazz solo helps remind me of the minimal amount of ‘push’ I actually need in order to be heard, and of the inner feeling of resonance I can experience if I do just back off and let the horn do its own natural resonant thing without over-encouragement from me. And as wild-flower32 has said, a more open jaw, as experienced during the “aah”, does seem to be an important part of this. So thank you for your posting!

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