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Ronald Carson

Just to clarify a couple of things:

WindWorks does work on the principle of each note has a particular shape. My understanding, so far is that shape has to do with:
1. aperture corners
2. jaw position
3. tongue position

So while I was writing this, I remembered Greg demos peeling off in Allegro Range Development video. When he peels off, he is about an octave lower. I suggested you watch that video, of course, you are not supposed to get there until you have completed through the Moderato Stage.

If I free buzz a note and put my horn to my lips it sounds awful. I know the lips must be vibrating to play the note. I may be totally wrong, but I do not think the lips must be buzzing that frequency to play the note. I have seen others do just that, but maybe it does not have to be that way to play the trumpet. I think the lips can vibrate at the frequency of the note by letting the horn do its thing or you can vibrate the lips at that frequency and play the horn. Again, I might be wrong.

I really should not ineffectively write about what Greg is teaching. Watch The Leadpipe – Shape Revisited.

The leadpipe video is very instructive how the trumpet can be played more efficiently. There are other ways of playing, but are they efficient? If I could play like Charlie Porter I probably would not be at this site learning to play. I feel rather certain, however, that Porter would probably approve Greg’s teaching.

I hope I have not further muddled things. Follow through with Greg’s teaching and do not rush the process.

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