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Hi Greg, I’ve watched the “Playing in the Red” video (yes, tirade and all) but I’m still a tad confused about what the video’s title means. In your course (I can’t quite remember where) you mention some phrases like “playing in your green zone”, “playing in your amber zone” (I may not have these terms quite correct) to signify playing in a way that’s experienced as easy and not-quite-so-easy respectively. When I saw the title of this video I assumed it was about “playing in one’s red zone” (ie, attempting to play stuff one found very difficult indeed), but it sounds like you possibly mean something like “playing using the red part of one’s lips” (I’m only guessing this, but when you mention the phrase in this video, you wave your finger around, pointing at your open lips, so this seems to be what you mean).

To cut a long story short, could you maybe spell out in print what you understand the term “playing in the red” to mean in this context?


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