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Would you mind if I asked approximately how old are you (i.e. are you in high school, college, or one of us Over 40+ comeback players, etc.) / how long you’ve been playing? Might help provide some appropriate context to give you the best recommendations.

I agree with Ron, I think you’re on the right track just need to not overthink things–which is tough, because our thinking hasn’t worked thus far and we need to change what it is we’re doing. But, I try to remember the 1% rule and the permanent focus on being more and more efficient. If I feel something I’m doing doesn’t feel natural or isn’t helping the sound or ease of playing, I try avoiding doing it. I believe the less is more guide helps me focus better, play freer, have better sensations and helps me achieve the Windworks objectives (BCH, not kicking the air to change pitch, not clamping down / overtightening, not overblowing, etc., etc.).

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