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I have noticed that I can ascend to G just above the staff and the Bb harmonic using pretty much the embouchure that’s being developed here. HOWEVER, and maybe this is why I got upset, is that although I find I can do it that way, my range is pretty much the same as when I play with my previous embouchure. That result was quite disheartening, as it makes me think there is something fundamentally wrong with my face, teeth, mouth, or muscles, or something that will completely prevent me from progressing. I do have quite a small mouth. In my teens I had teeth removed and wore braces for a while to get them all to fit in there! My chin is also less prominent than average, and I have overbite. One thing I noticed is my bottom lip seems to come up further (is taller) over my bottom teeth maybe more than average and I wonder if that makes it difficult to generate the stiffness necessary to produce higher notes. Thanks for the advice, Working on posting a video link soon.


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