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Awesome post, Hixsta–didn’t think of that as I never experienced it but I could imagine how that would be difficult and might be a problem for others, especially as they try playing more “forward” as described in WindWorks.

I recently started making it a point to set my lips on the mouthpiece by setting the mouthpiece flat against my top lip, whereas before I was kind of bring the mouthpiece/horn to my lips at an angle (with the bell downward) and I started feeling like I was losing a seal as I got into the higher register. Setting it more straight and flat seems to work better for me and allow me better compression with the lips within the mouthpiece which is giving me good sensations and range development, etc.

I like your point re: Straight Air–I need to remember to focus on that again. I’ve been having good sensations/progress, but never hurts to check to make sure we’re on track.

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