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Practice Video Tuesday 8/27/19 Part 1 of 2:


0:00 september by Earth Wind & Fire !
1:05 stretches (necessary as I have tendonitis & have limited shoulder motion range, likely from too much trumpeting)
12:35 3rd valve finger exercises. Blowing through the horn is necessary as it changes the pressure the valves work against.
16:00 WW initial mmaahhtutus.
18:50 WW lip buzzing
24:00 more WW mmaahhtutus.
24:40 WW mp leadpipe insertion, WW leadpipe exercises.
32:15 oops forgot to oil valves! what a mess.
34:30 Ken Larson Set-Up exercise.
36:40 Paul Mayes Quick Warm-Up.
43:30 humming into horn.
44:50 WW ascending slow slurs.
48:05 it’s beginning to look a lot like xmas? 🙂
50:00 octave slurs with WW side-support embouchure.
53:53 Bryan Davis blocked buzzing.
55:45 Caruso 6-note G to C with bends.
57:50 WW low register arpeggio exercise.
1:04:50 Break.
1:16:00 return from break, Clarke Etude #2.
1:19:00 noodling, attempt at Halsey Stevens Concerto intro.
1:24:35 if only playing was as easy as whistling!
1:26:25 Stamp warm-up, descending only.
1:26:50 Stamp warm-up, descending then ascending.
1:31:00 noodling something from Holst or Grainger.
1:32:50 Stamp descending chromatics warm-up.
1:34:20 Someday… 🙂
1:35:00 chromatic fingers warm-up.
1:38:30 Bryan Davis 5-bar tonguing warm-up.
1:45:00 noodling ?
1:46:40 attempt at Petrushka intro, other noodling.
1:49:30 Break.
2:26:00 return from break, brief warm-up, Start Windworks Moderato Singing C Series on C.
2:34:00 somehow got sidetracked into a quick run through Bolero & stuff?
2:36:40 back at it.
2:43:20 Break.
2:45:00 return from break, more singing C & brief noodling.
2:52:20 WindWorks Moderato C Exercises.
2:55:10 work it out baby!
2:56:25 start work on Windworks Moderato C Exercises, Chromatic Scales. This is going to take a while…
3:06:40 Break.
3:24:10 Return from Break, Windworks Moderato C Exercises, Chromatic Scales cont.
3:34:00 some part of March to the Scaffold?
3:35:00 Break.
5:00:10 Return from Break, warm-ups.
5:02:00 more Windworks Moderato C Exercises, Chromatic Scales, I’m gonna get those triple tonged triplets!!!
5:09:15 Star Wars noodle.
5:11:10 Magnifying Glass shows The Problem is the last K-tongue on G!!
5:12:30 YAY PROGRESS!!! And onward…
5:18:00 Jurassic park, Florintiner March. All of it.
5:18:45 Windworks Moderato C Soft Improvisation.
5:23:15 Summon the Heros! Played until Failure!
5:25:15 Break.
7:05:20 Return from Break, warm-ups. Continue with Windworks Exercises.
7:10:10 Review previous WindWorks Moderato harmonic slurs.
7:16:15 Fanfare for the Common Man!!! all of it.
7:17:20 WindWorks Moderato C Series Harmonic Slurs, but I’m tired now!
7:23:40 IT NEVER ENDS!

part 2:

0:00 Return from Break & warm-ups
4:24 Begin WindWorks Moderato C Harmonic Slurs.
11:10 more Florintiner March. You’re gonna like the way this sounds.
12:00 recovery exercises.
13:05 FASTER YOU SLUR!!! followed by something from Festive Overture? I know all the good ones 🙂
15:00 I think that was Failure folks! Ouch!
15:40 recovery please!
16:20 something from Mozart?
17:40 Break! But not for Long!
18:00 some really horrible Stamp exercises. But they’re really working my side muscles! oh the burn…
20:10 something from Handel.
20:35 oh the burn!!
21:22 aaannd Failure! Yeah! But not for long.
22:00 cool down. 3 MORE FOR STAMP!! OW EE OW EE
25:25 I’m not gonna make it!
28:25 my lips stopped me. that was fun.
29:30 still cant stop, wait for it.

Hope you enjoyed! Please leave any constructive or destructive criticism.

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