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Practice video Friday 9-6-19, Moderato C Series. Exercises are timestamped in the YT description box.

I think I am learning quite a bit from everything going on here and really appreciate your feedback. My practice today was Much more focussed and limited and shorter. No lip or mp buzzing or leadpipe playing, and a Much briefer warm-up. I feel it was an improvement from previous and am interested in your takes on it, and I got some music in. I would be happy to provide feedback to anyone else that posts practice videos.

Part 1 of 3:
5:00 Spirometer breathing exercises.
7:40 3rd valve exercises.
12:15 initial warm-up.
20:40 Playing “The Girl with Flaxen Hair” (TGWFH) as a test-piece. (up to high D).
25:40 WW Moderato Singing C Exercises on C.
33:30 WW Moderato Exercises on C.
49:00 “TGWFH” quick partial run though. (up to high Bb). Soft improvisation on C.
57:15 final WW Moderato Exercise on C.
59:00 break
1:13:20 return from break, review of previous harmonic slurs.
1:22:50 WW Moderato Harmonic Slurs on C.

Part 2 of 3:
2:00 return from break, brief warm-ups.
17:15 John Daniels whisper tone exercise.
25:20 WW Moderato C Series Harmonic Slurs.

Part 3 of 3:
0:00 Brief warm-ups and some musical bits: something from Greig, theme from Jupiter, something from Mozart, bits of the Neruda concerto intro.
15:25 std. warm-down.

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