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Nice Steve! Definitely looks like it was much more focused/structured and great you played some music with metronome–keeps us honest, in my opinion / helps us gauge how our execution is. Sometimes I just like to play freely, but I think it’s important to spend some time with the metronome.

The harmonic slurs sounded good, seemed like you had some speed. How’d they feel? Seems like you should benefit from that. Did you feel a burn in the corners/sides of your mouth?

Jupiter is one of my favorites. Sounded like you have a nice tone; obviously the audio/video is limited.

You may want to do some of the vid closer up for feedback on your playing as it seems like much of WindWorks is about how we position the lips onto the mouthpiece, engage the aperture corners. Someone may spot something you’re doing or not doing that would be helpful and might be helpful for others to see your setup, etc.

My $.02 FWIW.

I played a little more tonight after an uneven session this morning. Struggling lately, hoping to snap out of it this weekend and get back to more consistency in range, sensations, progress, etc.

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