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Greg Spence

GOING LIVE in 50 minutes 10am AEST 11th Sept (10th in USA) to explain this. Tune in

  • WOW, guys I am conflicted. On one hand I’m sorry to have been away but there is A LOT going on here in all spheres of my life BUT on the other hand I LOVE the fact that you are all talking about it; that was the purpose of the forum, not me coming in and dictating.

    The answers are all here and all of the contributors have it nailed. Johns understanding of my approach is profound and obviously very well researched as is Peter and his fantastic video (I want to use that if he will let me!!!)

    YES, to much pucker as you are trying to ascend Bill. The purpose of the AaahOooh is to get on to the horn with the open and free feeling and then carry that feeling up. The inwards movement you are looking for pushing the lips out will not happen when you work slowly through the exercises.

    Someone mentioned harmonic slurs… YES! When you start low and slowly ascend (over weeks and months) you will find the subtle movement that Peter alluded to and you will not forward pucker anywhere near as much as that.

    I can guarantee that the repetition of the PROCESS you are doing (regardless of the cranky reptilian brain) will be seeping through into your playing and based on what you wrote about the shows you are doing and how your endurance seems to be improving, I think proves the point.

    This takes time folks! It’s not simply a choice and an OKAY HERE IS THE POSITION and away we go. Have you all been doing the #wihsc? Everything is explained over and over and over and over… haha

    Thanks and come and say hi in 40 minutes 😉

    GOING LIVE in 50 minutes 10am AEST 11th Sept (10th in USA) to explain this. Tune in

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