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Greg Spence

Holy Moly Steve, I just saw your videos…amazing! We need to talk.

While you are covering a VAST amount of material, I think you could cut it a LOT and spend more time on music. I am not sure that coming back through the day mixing technical development and repertoire the way you are doing it is the best approach; trust me I used to do this for years! I think a more structured “where am I at?”, “what are my limitations?” and “what do I need to work on?” approach will develop better results faster.

What are the techniques required? Sound, valves, tongue, harmonic slurs. We can cover all of this in a much shorter amount of time then get on to the fun stuff.

Great dedication and I really like the spread out approach over the day, i just think there is way too much noodling without direction and just playing for playings sake. That’s fine if that’s what you enjoy but maybe not as productive as it could be.

There are some excellent things going on technically.


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