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Bill, thanks so much for your honesty in sharing. Without this, I would have missed the absolute gold dust in Greg video response (not to mention laughing at some of the things he says the way through it because my sense of humour is the same and I love the way your mind works Greg!) 🙂

I wholeheartedly believe in what Greg says and bought book 1 a few years ago, lost a little faith (though my own misunderstanding), then jumped on WindWorks as soon as it was launched and despite all the fabulous nuggets of information that are present in ALL videos, the lights just came on like a football stadium while watching Gregs response video. It’s the brain stuff! 🙂 Repetition of the process is fine, but no good on it’s own without understanding just HOW much that reptilian bugger needs to change.

I can see where Greg gets the kick out of the possibilities open to people now and teaching this. I just hope I can convert it all now I have a new understanding. Can’t wait to get back on the Harmonic Slur challenge tonight!

PS. I have been playing to semi-pro standard for 30 years and doing some pretty decent big band and function gigs these days, but inconsistently not knowing whether it was going to be ‘good’ Simon or ‘bad’ Simon. I just wanted to feed back some positivity and kudos for where I hope this will lead me now. Thanks for taking the pain to work through and unearth all of this Greg and Bill once again, for the honesty 🙂