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Your video, as usual, was Gold, Greg–it was really helpful for me and I’m sure everyone else to hear you give specific feedback to Bill with regards to the video he uploaded, was he too puckered, etc. That is really useful information. It was great.

My initial post with the Wind-O stuff above was just prior to your response to Bill.

My post wasn’t so much about the product, which is curious/intriguing. I received it, I’m going to play around with it a bit more before making a judgment on it. But I respect Tom Hooten, who says he used it occasionally to remind himself of how much the aperture corners can/should be engaged, etc.

I was using it this morning a bit, was screwing around on my commute to work…thankfully I didn’t swallow it and wind up with the thing in my throat. Will be interesting to see if I get any benefit from it tomorrow. It kind of screwed with my head this morning, my practice session this morning turned into a bit of gladiator trumpet, trying to tell what if anything it did for me–which is ridiculous as I just used it this morning, but my patience isn’t always my strength…

Going to take it easy tomorrow and see how it goes. It’s probably similar to the pencil exercise or other isometric things which I have actually avoided thus far. But now that I’m starting to gain confidence on the movement of my aperture/lips, I feel like perhaps I can explore lip buzzing and other things. Before, I literally had no concept of what the hell I was supposed to be doing without the horn to give me feedback on whether or not it sounded resonant and felt good/natural.

Doing another lap through Largo to solidify things a bit more, etc.