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Welcome! I’m a comeback player too, but with a longer break and I’m older…

You should check out the Trumpet Chats Greg has posted on YouTube and other threads (…”only dummy” and “overcoming a negative psychology”).

The basic premise is to treat your playing as if you’re living in your current house while building a new house. The two are separate buildings that you occupy at separate times. Eventually, your mind will develop new pathways and the two separate methods will gradually converge into one.

I dont get air pockets. You should experiment and focus on playing relaxed, but watch your sound. WindWorks isnt about using zero embouchure engagement, just minimal engagement and from the aperture corners rather than clamping down in the middle top-to-bottom like a clam, cutting off the vibration of the lips–especially the top (if youre a downstream player).

My $.02 FWIW. Good luck, I’ve come a long way the past year. Couldnt play above G above the staff till March 2018. Now I’m up to an octave above that and I’m playing a 1.5C mouthpiece. Hope you experience the same or better.

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