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When you say rolling the bottom lip in, do you mean rolling it under the top lip? I believe that’s what Greg mentions in his video and it happens to be what I was doing, blowing the air down towards the floor. It worked to a point but I usually ran out of lip and/or clamped down shortly above the staff.

Sounds like you’ve made it work up to High C and beyond. I wonder if we’re talking about the same thing, although I think Greg made it work up there as well and played professionally for years like that, as have others.

The movement I make now is towards the center of the mouthpiece/air column, tightening the aperture from the outsides inward; not clamping top-to-bottom like a clam, but leaving the middle of the lips relaxed and shrinking the aperture from the outsides in (ooooohhhhhh).

My range isn’t super high, but I’m an amateur / comeback player just doing this for fun. And I have limited time to practice. I played a lot in grade school through high school and some college, including lessons. Wanted to play more, but could never play much above the staff.

With this new approach, and I doubt I’m playing 100% perfectly / efficiently, but I believe I’m pretty far along; I’ve worked up to controlled High D’s and High E’s, High F is the top of my range but lately I’ve been touching double G more and more.

Less is more seems to be the key–I feel like I have to sort of indirectly tighten the aperture by tightening from the outside like the rim around a drum head–you don’t want any tightness in the middle of the drum head or it won’t vibrate, you want the tightness around the head. I think that’s how our aperture must be, we must keep our lips as relaxed as possible for them to vibrate as fast as possible.

When I was younger, I think I was flexing my lips to create each shape–which I think works for the middle and low register, but the sound is not as good and resonant and the vibration only goes so high…eventually, it cuts out and I clamped down too much.

Been experimenting with shallower / brighter mouthpieces to see if I can play those to get that sound. Having difficulty transitioning, may not have found the right one yet. I recently switched to a 1 1/2C and felt and sounded instantly better and my range actually increased, which was unexpected. I thought I would try it and expected to find it was way too big and I should go down from the 3C I was playing. Instead, the 1 1/2C felt and sounded better and my range popped up–the double G starting speaking more. It’s a crazy journey of discovery, I keep forgetting not to expect results but I never cease to be surprised.

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