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Hi, Peter,

I would encourage you to schedule a Skype session with Greg! He is a phenomenal teacher–so perceptive and insightful. Sometimes, we may think we’re doing one thing, and, in actuality, are doing something completely different. Greg’s course can require some very deep work that goes far beyond the exercises.

If it’s any encouragement, I have been working with Greg on an extremely challenging issue, which will come to light at some point here and elsewhere. The issue has emotional, psychological and physical components. I studied with Greg 3 years ago for about a year–resonated deeply with his approach. The playing issue I developed later led me back to this course and additional study with Greg. I am now seeing his concepts with a fresh perspective. I am starting to understand more about how ideas and emotions in one’s head about playing can compromise sound, technique and efficiency, and translate into one’s playing mechanics. The fact is that his approach is working to undo and heal a serious playing challenge. I’m literally rebuilding, and am proof that Greg’s concepts are powerful and effective. My sound is opening up dramatically–yes, there really is a “concert hall” you can feel–and old ideas about force and exertion are starting to crumble.

It can be difficult to sufficiently step outside ourselves and take stock of what’s really going on with our playing. We may not spot the seeds of problems. Don’t give up or reinforce the belief that you are limited to what you can do now without results or improvement. Talk to Greg.

Hope this helps. Wishing you success on your journey!