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Ronald Carson


If you don’t have the visualizer, that’s okay. But you start first by taking a concert hall breath and then forming the aah-ooh embouchure. Immediately after forming the embouchure, release (not blowing) the air with using the tongue to stop and to release the air. Tu-Tu-Tu. Do that as demonstrated a few 50 – 100 times or more (not necessarily all in one day). Continue performing that same procedure using the visualizer or even the mouthpiece again many times.

You may be ready for the leadpipe. Do not change anything about the process. Don’t even think, “I’m going to play the leadpipe.” Better yet think, “I’m going to release air through the mouthpiece just like I have been doing and that air is going to travel through the leadpipe.” You might then get a sound that is a pedal or not. You might not get a sound at all, and that is okay.

When you say you roll-out your lips, are you manipulating your lips into a position different than the embouchure demonstrated by Greg? Don’t change the way the lips have been brought together with aah-ooh. If the leadpipe speaks, fantastic. Now change the pitch by engaging the aperture corners inward. The pitch should be higher. Relax the aperture corners slightly, you will get a lower pitch. Relax corners more and you may get a pedal and if not, no worries. Do NOT make a pedal note your goal. Let the leadpipe play you.

When I read your post, I get the idea that you are results-driven and not process-driven. You are doing stuff with your lips trying to get results. Focus on the process and let the results happen. Sure we all want great results, but many times we are manipulating our bodies in negative ways such as blowing hard, squeezing lips together, etc. We may get results with all that manipulation that we think is good, but it has consequences such as pain, bad endurance, and a range ceiling that is lower than we want are negative and keep us from obtaining the results we really want.

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