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Hi Logan,

Glad if what we posted helped.

I was pinching off my upper register too–my range was G above the staff, practically.

I wouldn’t say that putting more lip tissue into the MP helps relieve the pressure.

I would say that engaging the aperture corners surrounding the aperture, tightening only as much as necessary as we ascend with the middle of the lips relaxed changes pitch without much/ excessive pressure.

The key for me was focusing on passive air released into the mp/horn and experimenting with engaging the aperture corners and realizing how little effort was needed to change pitch (especially middle C to E on the staff). That helped me hone in on the movement(s) needed to change pitch.

And focusing on how little difference there was between G below the staff, G on the staff and G above the staff, etc.

Along with the fact that less air is required the higher we ascend and the harmonics are closer together the higher we go.

I do believe that less is more and the more natural feeling the better; however, we must remember that what weve been doing hasnt been working so what feels natural at first might not be optimal/efficient.