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Ronald Carson

The downside to coming to this site is that many of us have played for years. How it is that downside? Well for me, I got instruction for Greg’s marvelous videos and exercises and expected immediate results in all registers. Ooops, that not how retraining works.

As you progress in this course, you are going through lessons on every note climbing higher. More lip slurs, more articulation patterns. Do not jump ahead in your training. We have to be patient with ourselves and the lessons. You are building a new foundation for a new house. Longtime players, like us, try to put a roof on, but we haven’t finished pouring concrete. Furthermore, we do not have a frame. How are you going to put on the roof? Your building from the ground up; do not concern yourself with your range yet. I don’t want a house that going fall apart after the first year. Build it with a solid foundation, first. Continue to follow the blueprints.

I am now asking John Elwood to tell you about the two houses because he described this so well in another thread.

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