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This one actually might be even better and it’s shorter:

I agree with Ron that it’s best to follow the course and develop gradually, as Greg recommends.

However, to be honest, that’s not how it worked for me and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with experimenting a bit with range–as long as you are disciplined (hard to do) in not having any expectations, avoiding manipulating to achieve Results rather than focusing on correct Process.

We have to change our wiring in our minds from feeling good about achieving a certain pitch we’re aiming at to feeling good about following the Process correctly as outlined (i.e. relaxing the throat, lips, not kicking the air to change pitch, etc.).

I experimented early on with playing above the staff with less air (less air is required the higher we play) and being relaxed and achieved some good sensations and results and that helped encourage me to work more at it.

My progress was not a straight line upward, but I learned something from each setback, which were thankfully short-lived.

Good luck, hope what we’ve posted is helpful to you.

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