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Ronald Carson

I am a retired science teacher and I am doing this for fun. I have canceled my subscription. After I cut off my satellite TV and change my internet to something cheaper, then maybe I’ll renew my subscription to WindWorks.

This what I would be doing:
1. Warm-up
– long tones
– easy slurs
– articulation
2. Single and Double Harmonics from previous lessons.
– slurred and tongued (previous practice charts)
– 1x slow, 1x medium, 1x close to the practice chart best
– practice harmonic slur using the practice chart. Can I go faster? Can I go longer
3. Current Stage – Singing exercise

Excercise time about 45 minutes with rest between part 1 & 2, rest between each exercise in part 2, and rest between WindWorks current exercise

Rest or hours later.
Play out of a method book (I use Mitchel on Trumpet)
and/or Sheet music.
30 – 45 minutes

Since I no longer have a subscription, I have been a little lazy. If I open WindWorks, I have a bad habit of thinking I need to reply to almost every post. I guess it is the teacher in me. 🙂

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