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Hi, Jakob,

I agree with johnelwood that a Skype consult with Greg would be extremely helpful.

Something you might want to check is whether or not you are trying to force a result, such as playing with the mmmaahooh setting and/or keeping your jaw lowered. I’m not a medical professional, but have had some TMJ issues from playing in the past and know that the ear discomfort you describe can originate from excessive jaw tension. The mmmaaahooh is a tool to help get a feel for aperture corners and looseness in the center of the lips, as is blowing a tissue forward as Greg demonstrates. With continued effort on off horn practice, elements of the mmaahooh and lowered jaw will eventually leak into playing, but this process cannot be forced. Muscles and mind need time to gradually adjust to a new setting. You might also pay attention to whether or not you are overblowing to force a result.

I have experienced some mild muscle feedback when working on WindWorks concepts, especially the lowered jaw, but nothing on the level that you describe. It sounds like there is too much tension and force in the system.

Best wishes!

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