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I am an amateur comeback player still in the Largo status stage, and music is not my first career. I do the WindWorks exercises every day as my warm-up. I begin with the visualizer and tissue and then progress to the mouthpiece and leadpipe. I spend a few minutes on a stand alone leadpipe, and then I play my trumpet leadpipe by removing the tuning slide. It helps me reinforce the comfort of a sympathetic oscillation while holding the trumpet itself considering Greg’s quotes about Arnold Jacobs and the instrument leading to the resurrection of old habits. I then move to the singing C exercises and go as far as I feel comfortable that particular day. One day it may be the series G, and some days I do not feel comfortable except at the series Eb. My point of difference is still in these early exercises.

Anyway, this routine occupies about 15-20 minutes of my typical 60 minute practice per day. It is helping thus far, but it is a very slow process for me at least (see my old post titled Muscle Tension Dysphonia). I will do an update on that problem in the coming weeks.

I hope this helps, and I would love to hear form others as well.

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