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I’d be interested in seeing what results you get with a new “rolled in” set up with less red. It seems like it should naturally go there after some time. (I’ve been trying to figure that part out for 15+ years). Changing my lip position with the Ahh-ooooo set up seems to be the only promising way, but it’s scary and feels wildly different since I’ve had so much ‘success’ with my current set up. So I give it about 15-30 minutes per day and then practice all my normal stuff m.

I, however, have to play the MTM way with the mouthpiece slightly on the red of my lower lip in order to keep the air moving straight out. This also keeps my bottom lip from rolling in. Sound and technique is super weak that way, but it does seem much more relaxed. I can play most of the singing C series this way to about a G on top of the staff. It took quite a while to get there, and I wonder if it’s the direction I should keep going in.

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